swimming, take 5.

October 4, 2015 § Leave a comment


So I don’t know how to swim. But it’s not like I’ve never tried—I’ve taken so many classes during the course of my life, the most recent one being a requirement my last year in college: an awkward situation with our Freshman-15 bodies standing around in the kiddie pool, spandex covering absolutely nothing, and 4 years of separate social circles reluctantly swirling together.

It seems that my body would just prefer to sink. But I live in a city surrounded by water—What if there’s a tsunami? Or I fall off a yacht?? I found some adult swim classes nearby—dear god, please don’t let me be the only non 14-year old—but priorities: What was I going to wear? A Mara Hoffman rashguard of course! Looks great with a necklace too. Can’t wait to be the best-dressed sinker out there.

Grimes is coming!

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She’s coming to San Francisco! On Halloween, no less. I only started going to concerts in the last couple of years; I think an off-key Sugar Ray on SNL when I was in high school had me convinced that perfect, studio-recorded albums were all I ever wanted to bother with, but uh…maybe that’s why he’s now extinct.

Anyway, Grimes, aka Claire Boucher. Check her out.

(Sadly, the friend who told me about the concert was unable to get himself a ticket because they sold out so fast. Such a long shot [since I have about 10 readers—hi guys, and thanks!!] but if anyone out there can help him out, please let me know!)

old woman in ink

September 4, 2015 § 2 Comments


Practicing with the brush pen some more. Why always draw the young and modelesque? I especially love that knot of lines around her eyes.

another oyster

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IMG_3743Starting a new project, finally! How many of these can I paint in the upcoming weeks, I wonder..

marc jacobs fall 2015

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Marc Jacobs3_Fall 2015

Trying my hand at these brush pens again. I forget how powerful black and white can be sometimes.

blonde mushroom

March 16, 2015 § 4 Comments

blonde mushroom ::janice chuang::

My sister had a cut like this when she was little. I have such admiration for faces that can carry the weight of these weird haircuts. Speaking of hair, I think I scanned in a piece of my own on the left side of this drawing.. Typical!

Source photo here.

55°F and rainy

December 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

Rachel-Comey-Coat_Pastel ::janice chuang::

Rachel Comey alpaca sweater
Pamela Love arrowhead pendant
American Apparel dress
Miu Miu python platforms

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