a plaid summer.

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SartorialistBikiniAaaaand we’re back to summer wear. Nothing you could possibly wear in San Francisco 362 days out of the year, but I love the look of this from The Sartorialist.



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Looking forward to fall.

Summertime treats.

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Such a pretty tart, but then you think about it as food and wonder—who wants to be having delicate refreshments at The Plaza, sipping tea in Wedgwood…and then pick up a cherry and spit the pit out? Blair Waldorf would never approve!

Freehand inking, round one.

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Girl in Ink

Anyone else taking Yuko Shimizu‘s Skillshare inking class? She just does a really rough pencil sketch and then jumps right in with her inks! She stresses using real brushes instead of brush pens, but I already had my Pentel on hand and was feeling impatient. I can already see one of the drawbacks that she mentioned, though—pretty much every stroke comes out 100% black, while with her brushes you can get a great dry brush line as well.

Quick sketch.

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Blonde-Eyeliner_BW :: Janice Chuang

This started out with her as a blonde in a purple sweater, but I guess sometimes black and white (and brunette!) is the way to go.

Pentel Pocket Brush Pen selfie.

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Pentel Pocket Brush Selfie :: Janice Chuang

I picked up this Pocket Brush Pen by Pentel the other day, as it came highly recommended by the fellows at Accent Arts. It threw me off in the beginning, because the brush tip is much squishier than the brush-tip pens I’d been used to by Tombow, since it’s actually got bristles like a brush (imagine that!). It’s a little scary at first, because it goes from thin to thick with the slightest touch, but it also makes much more room for happy accidents.

Here’s to more accidents.


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